Online Marketing

Your audience is bigger than you think. No matter where they are we will help you find them – and keep them.


Marketing your business can often feel like a race you'll never win. That's why Side Six helps identify audiences and opportunities that keep your business rising.

Strategy & Consulting

There is no "one size fits all" solution for marketing strategy so each campaign should be as unique as the business it represents. To accomplish this we focus on understanding your goals, process, and customers to determine effective ways to reach your audience at the right time.

Design &

Presenting a striking design and compelling message is the key to a successful campaign, but looks aren't everything. Your campaign needs to be professionally engineered to ensure compatability and performance so it entices users to engage with your brand.

Your Own

Deciding where to go is simple — getting there is the challenge. When your business struggles to find a bridge over the digital landscape, we recommend building one.

Campaign Management

Evaluating your online campaigns is just as important as creating them – but the last thing you need is to lose valuable time overseeing another process. Side Six manages and nurtures your campaigns to maximize their success while you stay focused on your business.

Analytics &

Blindly advertising to an unknown audience makes your message much less effective. Side Six captures invaluable customer data and identifies how users respond to your campaign so you can say 'goodbye' to wasteful shotgun marketing.

How To Get There

Display Ad Campaigns
Google Search Ad Campaigns
Google Call Ad Campaigns
Marketing Landing Pages
HTML 5 Ad Campaigns
Event Ad Campaigns
Facebook Ad Campaigns
LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
Instagram Ad Campaigns
Flash / Actionscript Ad Campaigns
Case Study

Coors Historically Black Colleges And Universities (HBCU) Ad Campaign Development

Side Six was selected as a partner agency to develop a digital marketing campaign for Coors Light commemorating the 25th anniversary of the HBCU Classics. We transformed existing creative concepts into a fully animated HTML5 and Flash banner package that was viewed by countless fans.

Get Noticed

If you aren't reaching your audience then someone else is – so let's get to work.