User Interface Design & Development

Our team creates streamlined user experiences to ensure your application is intuitive and engineered efficiently from the inside out.

What We Make

Mobile Application Interfaces
Video Game Interfaces
Content Management System Interfaces
Intranet Application Interfaces

How We Make Them

Strategy & Consultation

The first step to creating a successful user interface is thorough research and goal orientation based around your business requirements. The next step is to couple those requirements with the expectations of your users. Only after addressing both can you begin reliably planning the information architecture of a quality user interface.


Wireframing is where your user interface concept begins to take shape. Detailed, heirarchical outlines of each section, screen, and overlay are drafted to create a high-level view of your entire application. This phase helps identify limitations and challenges in your application's information architecture or business logic and allows opportunities for refinement before beginning design and development.

UI Design

Using the wireframes as a guide, we create a completely customized theme for your application. A strong design compliments workflow and makes the information being presented to your users more intuitive ensuring your application is as user-friendly as possible.

UI Development

There are several ways to develop UI depending on your target platforms. Side Six follows best practices and guidelines according to the operating system and presentation technology that will be running your UI to help ensure if performs as fluidly as possible.

User Testing

We thoroughly unit test your application on all deployed platforms and across as many relevant devices as possible. This process begins along with the front-end development phase to identify any unforeseen scenarios that might arise while the application is being built. User testing continues after the final product is code-complete to emulate a true user experience and confirm all issues have been addressed in the production-ready version of your interface.

API Integration

Most applications connect with an external data source. Side Six has experience partnering with a variety of third parties to integrate their API technology with your application. We can also offer insight towards streamlining the integration process if you choose to work with another development vendor.

Use Us

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