Last night, LucasFilm unveiled the first official full-length trailer for their upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. After getting over all the fan-based giddiness, we took a more analytical look at the production value behind this historic piece of cinema and identified several marketing points we thought were worth sharing.

1. Inspire And Engage Your Audience 

Not all of our businesses revolve around making box-office blockbusters, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring or bland either. Every business can benefit from creative marketing that engages their current audience and potential clients. Every business can benefit from creative marketing and should think about ways to reach their audience besides a predictable print mailer. The key to a successful ad campaign, just as The Force Awakens Trailer illustrates, is to impress and inspire your audience. Attract them in a unique way, create anticipation and excitement, and reward them for their attention to your cause. 


2. Tell Your Story (In As Few Words As Possible) 

The Force Awakens trailer tells an entire story about the Star Wars universe with minimal dialogue. This is an excellent example of professional storyboarding. So much of the message is interpreted rather than told, which appeals to today's visual consumer. It also encourages repeat engagements and social sharing. When was the last time you went back to read that riveting newspaper article three or four more times?  

Its easy to ramble off tired elevator speeches to people you meet, but what really promotes your business best is the motif behind all the marketing speak. This is why having a strong digital presence online is indispensable. Present your business' mission visually with strong imagery, animations, video, and storytelling to create a more lasting impact. Want to go the extra mile? Make the experience interactive using touchscreen devices so your users play a direct role in learning about your business, rather than just hearing you talk about it.


3. Live Up To Expectations

LucasFilm had the daunting task of promoting what is likely the most anticipated sequel in cinema history to an intimidatingly-dedicated fanbase, but also to the average movie-goer that may not know much about the series. Oh, and they had to do so in under 90 seconds. That sure puts our corporate challenges into perspective. Still, every business has expectations both internally and externally. You have expectations for your business...growth, community, impact. Your clients have expectations for your business...expertise, confidence, reliability. Its important to reflect on these expectations and ensure they are consistently met, if not exceeded. After all, a business should be more than just a bottomline.


4. Think Big

The first lines of dialogue from the trailer: "Who are you?" "I'm no one".
Have you ever felt that way in your business? There is so much going on under the hood of any size company that its sometimes unavoidable to feel dejected or overwhelmed. But the great news is that its only in your head. You don't have to be a big business to do big things. Like many films, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will undoubtedly present internal character conflicts that are as impactful as the action happening around them. How we deal with those internal conflicts shapes us and our business, so its important to THINK BIG, not be big. If you've already adopted that mantra, but haven't reached your goals yet, make sure to involve yourself with like-minded businesses that share your ideals. That's how Side Six operates and it always leads us and our partners to amazing opportunities.


5. Invest In Your Digital Business

This trailer wasn't cheap to create. Yes, LucasFilm and Disney have a few extra marketing dollars than the rest of us, but that doesn't mean they were guaranteed to make an impressive product. Real success doesn't come from the size of your budget, but from using it WISELY. Investing in your digital media demonstrates to your audience that you are dedicated to them and proud of what your brand has to offer. LucasFilm didn't cut corners here and neither should your business...whether you sell spaceships or coffee beans.