There are so many reasons to be proud of America, but especially today as we recognize, honor, and remember the men and women who serve in our military forces. Their sacrifices and dedication to each other and all Americans is what truly makes our nation great. That unwavering spirit is what sees us through times of trial both nationally and around the world and it is the primary reason we have so many amazing opportunities in our personal and professional lives.

Let's also take a moment to appreciate the growing number of businesses and organizations that cater to veterans and their families by providing support, service, and job opportunities. Their dedication is an amazing example of how we can do more than simply thank our military heroes.

In an industry that is overrun by outsourcing and offshoring, Side Six is proud to operate 100% in America via our network of professional partners and vendors. This Veterans Day is a time that we pause and re-affirm our moral obligation to uphold this practice. Its one small way that we can help contribute to America's strength and character as a nation and make something of the opportunities our Veterans created for us. It also contributes to the quality and professional nature of our services and, more importantly, our people.

If your business shares this perspective we want to hear from you so we can keep making America strong together.

Happy Veterans Day to everyone.