Games have evolved dramatically over the past decades and continually appeal to broader audiences. In fact, what once was thought of as nothing more than a time-wasting activity has become an integral part of so many peoples' lives that nearly anyone can consider themselves a "gamer". Whether you run rampant in the latest console sci-fi shooter or feverishly launch avian into poorly-constructed buildings on your mobile device, chances are you've had some fun playing at least one video game recently.

This is exactly why companies are focusing more and more on creating experiences that not only engage their consumers but entertain them as well. Games are the perfect solution in many of these scenarios because they let the audience have fun while still delivering the intended message from the advertiser.

The Rick and Morty Rickstaverse game, based on Adult Swim's animated comedy Rick and Morty, is a perfect example of how companies can be creative and use technology to reach their audience in a fun and innovative way. The game is completely contained within Instagram and encourages users to click through photo mosaics representing different worlds. They must find collectible items, follow particular characters (using the native Instagram Follow functionality), and seek out five villians known as Garblovian Bootleggers. Upon finding and following these Bootleggers, users are rewarded with preview video clips of the new season of Rick and Morty. Not quite your typical "thank you for saving our princess" ending, but a reward is a reward.

The Rick And Morty Rickstaverse even comes with a fully-illustrated instruction manual that harks back to the glory days of 8-bit console video games. The instruction manual provides complete details on how to play the game and also contains artwork with some humorous comments that poke fun at the entire concept of using Instagram as a video game platform. But, from a business perspective, what is truly special about the Rickstaverse game is that it pushes Instagram's functionality beyond its original purpose and invents a new dimension for users to explore — all while naturally promoting the Rick And Morty series and Adult Swim brand.

Hop on over to Instagram and start exploring. Once you've returned to Earth, let us help your business start having fun.