What defines Side Six? In a brief interview for the Chicago Tribune, Founder and CEO Christopher Bell gives some insight into how the company brand represents their echelon of work and client commitment:


Side Six Media is a Chicago-based digital agency that is passionate about architecting interactive solutions for clients across the country. From high profile projects with Team Coco, creators of "Conan" on TBS, to firms in the heart of The Loop, Side Six provides professional digital solutions to businesses of all sizes.

"Consultation and strategy are key to our process," says owner Chris Bell. "We take the time to meet with clients and fully address their needs, concerns and goals. We then utilize that information to draft an architectural solution that is carried out through the design and development stages."

Which is the reason behind Side Six's abstract cube branding. To Bell and his team, the image represents the many sides of a professionally-crafted digital solution which, in reality, can never all be perceived at the same time yet are still integral to the overall form and functionality of a project.

This design principle guides Side Six's B2B solutions, as well as several private endeavors they intend to release this summer. "We're crafting some exciting internal products that will create new revenue opportunities for a wide array of businesses in ways they wouldn't otherwise have. Making solutions available on this level is what we're all about," Bell shared, adding that more information will be announced soon.

However, Bell believes the true value of a business is measured on a personal level. "Our entire team wants to find the route which will most benefit the client," he says. "That's a sentiment which is hard to find in the industry and is what we are most proud of as an agency. In fact, if we aren't the right firm for your project, chances are we know one that is – and we'll help you get in touch with them."

Besides their people, process is another factor that sets Side Six apart. "We don't just build and release," explains Bell. "We set aside time to follow up with clients on a regular basis after their project launches. Everyone is thrilled to buy a new car, but what matters most is having a trusted professional to help keep it running like new. Our products are no different."

Digital solutions are an investment, Bell believes, and an investment that pays off when clients choose wisely and work with the right firm. "There are a lot of agencies out there but very few that offer the range of expertise you'll find with Side Six," Bell says. "We don't strive to be your cheapest option; we strive to be your best."


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